Silica sand
Silica sand

We have over 90 years of experience in the extraction and processing of silica sand. We produce and sell silica sand in quantities of over 1.5 million tons per year, used in over 50 different applications.

We produce quality product which meets the requirements of even the most demanding producers in the flat and container glass industry. For the production of crystal, we offer brands with under 0.015 % of iron oxide content.

Our sands for ceramic masses and glazes reach the highest quality results.

For the construction sector, apart from sands with mass application – for plasters and concrete – we offer refined and classified products with specific characteristics for special applications – such as white joint mixtures, thick sands for fast water filters, sands for golf and tennis courts.

Special brands of classified and fine sands are highly valued by our customers in the foundry sector as top quality class, comparable to the most well-known European producers.

We developed series of new products which directly and indirectly support the energy efficiency of our customers. In this way, we have created fine quartz sands, classified in water environment, which may be directly input as fillers or in ceramic masses without need of additional grinding, which is an extremely energy-consuming process.