More than 8 decades we extract and sell kaolins and sands with application in the ceramic sector. In recent years we developed new products and competences with the main purpose – to provide service which is

  • More reliable
  • More professional
  • More sufficient

for the needs of our customers from the Ceramics sector.

We started production of feldspar, dolomite, limestone and clays, which combined with the traditionally produced kaolin and silica sand, present the basic raw materials for the production of ceramics.

For the specific needs of some segments of the ceramics sector, we have developed products with unique characteristics, such as:

  • Ground Chamotte
  • Kaolin for glazes
  • Kaolin with high speed of moulding for the sanitary ceramics
  • Feldspar for frits and glazes

Distinguishing characteristic of our feldspars is the comparatively low melting point.

For more information about the products for sector Ceramics:
M.Eng. Vardar Georgiev
Product Managers Ceramics Division
+359 899 905 995