The old technologies for production of castings are being replaced by new – more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The new foundry technologies demand new requirements for the silica sands, such as shape of the grains, chemical purity, specific granulometry.

We follow these trends by developing production capacities in volume and with quality, complying with the new requirements. With new modern technologies for concentration and separation, we produce sands, applicable in the foundry industry from our traditionally yielded raw materials.

We widen our Foundry sector product base, by prospecting new deposits, with quality sands comparable to the highest brands of foundry sands, used in Europe.

Using the new brands of our foundry sands allows reducing of the quantity of the adhesive substance, while retaining the quality of the casting mould.

For further information:
M.Eng. Kamen Nedelchev
Foundry Product Manager
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