Emotions and attractions at the University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski" Open day


Sunny Friday, April 15th, was chosen by the University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski" to open its doors to young children, students and prospective students and give them the opportunity to peek into the world of geology, surveying and mining and to get up close and personal with various professions that are studied at the Mining University. Both students and teachers from the university, as well as a number of companies that operate in the field of extraction and processing of minerals, took care of the emotions of the visitors and the attractions that the attendees could enjoy. At their stands, the representatives of the mining faculties and the companies were waiting for the visitors to inform them about their activities and to introduce them to the opportunities for study, internship or work, as well as the prospects for development and career in the industry. Presentations of individual companies were also held in the halls of University of Mining and Geology.

Special excitement was added to the atmosphere of the day by long-awaited special and impromptu meetings of former and current graduates and professors of the University, who together welcomed the visitors and told them about their professions and their memories.

From the youngest to the oldest, all visitors received advertising souvenirs as gifts, took souvenir photos and attended live experiments and explosions, and also watched various work processes unfold with the help of purpose-built mock-up installations. The day passed with a very good mood, many fruitful meetings and gave hope that the young shift is about to take its career path in the mining industry.