Working meeting of Division 2 and Division 5


 Whitin the period 15.09. - 17.09. 2021, in the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna city, a working meeting was held between the representatives of Division 2 - "Amberger Kaolinwerke" GmbH and Division 5 - "Kaolin" EAD. Both divisions are part of the German mining concern "Quarzwerke" GmbH. The initiator of the meeting and its moderator was Mr. Robert Lindemann-Berk - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kaolin EAD and Managing Partner of Quartzwerke GmbH. During the workshop, the participants discussed the economic development of the two divisions, as well as the opportunities and  the chances for cooperation between them, giving the fact that the main activity of both subsidiaries of Quartzwerke is the extraction and processing of kaolin raw material.

As part of the planned program of the seminar, the participants visited two of the production facilities of Kaolin EAD - the concentrators in Senovo and Vetovo towns, as well as the "Esennitsite" mine, which is a source of extractive raw materials for both factories. At the Vetovo factory, colleagues had the opportunity to see both the Center for Dual Training, built by "Kaolin" in 2016 and had trained over 100 students so far, and the company's latest production capacity - Filtration and drying workshop for commodity kaolin. The latter was put into operation in 2020 and is practically a combination of the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies for processing quartz-kaolin raw material. At the end of the visit, Dr. Otto Heber, Division 2 Manager, recalled that he last visited "Kaolin" in 2014, shortly after the acquisition of the company by Quartzwerke, and said that the progress "Kaolin" has made for these 7 years since being a part of the German concern, is really remarkable.