Mr. Robert Lindemann-Berk working visits in Vetovo and Dulovo towns


Mr. Robert Lindemann-Berk, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KAOLIN EAD and Managing Partner of the parent company Quarzwerke GmbH, was on a planned visit to Bulgaria, on June 1st and 2nd, 2021.  According to the preliminary program of the visit, Mr. Lindemann-Berk, accompanied by Mr. Wolf Harlfinger - CEO of KAOLIN and Mr. Dimitar Angelov - CEO, met with the Mayor of Vetovo town Mr. Mehmed Mehmed. The main topics of the conversation were related to the future plans for KAOLIN’ development, as well as the opportunities for the social partnership and support by the company of various municipal initiatives. The good cooperation between the municipality and KAOLIN EAD is an example of good practices in the field of youth development and quality education.

The renovation a few month ago of the children’s playground in the kindergarten "Shtastlivo detstvo" in Vetovo town, with the financial support of KAOLIN, is a relevant example of the above. The donation made of BGN 60,000, provided new equipment for children's play and entertainment, had secured the playground with a shockproof flooring and reliable protection. After the meeting, the mayor and his guests visited the kindergarten and ascertained the quality and functionality of the project.

A working meeting between Mr. Lindemann-Berk and representatives of the Municipality of Dulovo town Dr. Yuksel Ahmed Mayor, Eng. Nevhis Mustafa Chairman of the Municipality, Deputy Mayors Yuksel Ismail and Dorothea Toteva municipal councilors, was held on the next day, as well as with other mayors of the settlements of the Municipality. At the meeting, a project for the completely new plant for processing quartz-kaolin raw material was presented by Mr. Lindemann-Berk, which is to be built in Dulovo town and whose value is expected to exceed 50 million euros. The future plant of KAOLIN EAD will be the most modern and completely environmentally friendly enterprise of this type in Europe, and this plant will be a model for the entire mining industry in Bulgaria.

While Mr. Lindemann-Berk showed plans and models of the new plant, about 150 children in Dulovo town and the village of Sekulovo were warmly surprised by the delicious cake that was ordered by him on the occasion of June 1st, Children's Day.