Kaolin was founded in 1923


Dear colleagues and Kaolin’ friends,

 After a recent meeting with Mrs. Vanya Atanasova – the daughter of one of the founders of KAOLIN EAD - Krastyu (affectionately called Kancho) Atanasov, we are very excited to share with you that we received a document from her, from which we’ve learned that our company was established and entered in the court register of the city of Varna not in 1924, as we knew so far, but a year earlier.

According to the document, on May 6th, 1923, a General Constituent Meeting of Shareholders was held and a board of directors, appointed by the founders, was approved.

It was on this date that the Joint-Stock Mining Industrial Company "KAOLIN", with its headquarters in Varna city was established, and the said company started operating in the present-day town of Kaolinovo, which at that time was called Shumnobohchilar village.

Thus, KAOLIN EAD will celebrate its 100th anniversary not in 2024, but in 2023.

We are proud to work in the oldest operating mining company in Bulgaria!

Expect more interesting details from the history of our company!