First place for KAOLIN in the b2b race for the “Green Oscars”


KAOLIN snatched the first place in the category "Green Investments", in the jubilee, tenth edition in a row of the competition "The Greatest Companies in Bulgaria", organized by b2b Media and known as the “Green Oscars”. The competition was contested, but our project for a replacement of the old rotary kiln filter in the concentrator located in Vetovo plant, with a brand new electrostatic precipitator (ESP), was duly evaluated by the authoritative jury of the competition and it defeated the competition of companies such as “Zaharni Zavodi” AD and “Monbat Group”, which ranked respectively third and second, in the same category with their green investment projects.

 More about the competition itself, the categories, nominations and prizes, as well as photos from the event, can be found here:

The project for an installation of a new electrostatic precipitator to the rotary kiln in Vetovo Plant is one of the most significant investment projects of the company in 2019 - 2020 - not only in terms of its financial value, which amounts to about 1.6 million euros, but also especially with regard to the efforts made by KAOLIN, to ensure the lowest possible resource consumption and therefore the least harmful impact of its activities on the environment. The main task of the electrostatic precipitator is to purify the exhaust gases of the rotary kiln from the generated dust during the production of shamote or calcined kaolin. With the installation of the electrostatic filter, the total purification efficiency of the process is 99.967% and it guarantees ten times lower values ​​of fine dust particles in the atmospheric air than the normatively determined 50 mg / Nm3. The purification is performed by applying a high voltage and using the so-called "corona discharge".

The new, fully automated electrostatic precipitator, is manufactured by the Swiss company “ELEX” AG, in a cooperation with the German “Thyssenkrupp” AG. The precipitator is of the highest class, corresponding to the best available practices and know-how. In addition, the energy consumption of the new precipitator is reduced by more than 8% - another contribution to the environmental protection.

Congratulations to the project team!