German certificates for the high school graduates from the first dual class of Kaolin EAD and "Vasil Levski" high school in Vetovo town


Under the sound of "Edin nerazdelen klas" song, the students from "Vasil Levski" high school in Vetovo town received their diplomas for completed secondary education in a dual form of education. At a nice celebration held in the schoolyard, the students of the first ever class also received certificates for completed dual education in the specialty "Mineral Enrichment" from Mr. Dr. Wolf Harlfinger, CEO of Kaolin EAD. The certificates were issued jointly by Kaolin EAD and the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The project of Quarzwerke GmbH, launched in 2016 through its subsidiary in Bulgaria - Kaolin EAD, for the introduction of a dual form of education based on the German model, has become an unexpected success. Of the thirteen children with whom the experiment started in Vetovo town in 2016, nearly 90 students are currently engaged in the dual education. Another class in the "Mineral Enrichment" specialty will follow, and the third and fourth ones will receive their professional qualification - "Chemist Operator" and "Electrician", according to the approved curricula for the "Technology of Inorganic Substances" and “Electrical equipment of production" specialties.

The students, their parents and guests were warmly addressed by the Member of Parliament Mr. Dr. Andrian Raykov, the Mayor of Vetovo Municipality Dr. Mehmed Mehmed and the head of the Regional Education Inspectorate in city of Ruse - Mrs. Dr. Rositsa Georgieva. They all wished the first graduates, from the bottom of their hearts, a lot of success and luck in their future life path. The director of "Vasil Levski" high school, Mrs. Stefka Toncheva, with unconcealed excitement expressed the gratitude of the pedagogical school team, towards the company Kaolin EAD and Quartzwerke GmbH for the huge investment made in the field of the secondary education in the municipality of Vetovo and noted that it is a truly sustainable cooperation that gives a hope and chances to the children from all over the region.

We would like to remind you that so far Kaolin EAD has invested over BGN 1 million in a modern center for dual training with a mechanical engineering office and a chemical laboratory; an electrical engineering office is currently being prepared, all of them equipped with German machines and devices, meeting the highest world standards for training in the respective specialty. Kaolin’ employees are engaged as teachers in the dual training, and the students have regular practical classes in the company's plants in Senovo and Vetovo towns.

Four of today's graduates have expressed readiness to continue their education at the University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski ”in city of Sofia, and the others could start working in Kaolin EAD immediately.