Traditional management' meeting at Kaolin


On February 10th  and 11th, a meeting of Kaolin's management took place in Veliko Tarnovo, during which Mr. Harlfinger – CEO of the company - briefed the management on the results of the company for the financial year 2019 and outlined the development prospects for the coming years.

Other topics discussed were the investment intentions of the company in the area of ​​Dulovo town (the forthcoming construction of a new quartz-kaolin raw material processing plant), the systematic measures undertaken in 2019 from the Operations division to optimize a gas consumption and extraction of raw materials in the existing production and their results. Topics such as staff development and training, corporate social responsibility strategy and other matters were also discussed.

Particularly interesting and a new emphasis in the program of the meeting was the participation of the guest speaker - Mr. Mario Bakalov, who is the only Bulgarian pilot in the German company Lufthansa. As the captain of the crew of the largest aircraft in the world - Airbus A380, Mr. Bakalov spoke about how vital for the profession of the pilot are good training, the systematic upgrading of knowledge and skills, practical experience, teamwork, unconditional trust between the members of the crew, as well as the unprecedented adherence to established rules of action in every situation and proven safety standards, providing numerous real-life examples of airplane accidents that have been fatal due to human error and the underestimation of certain risky circumstances. From the presentation of Mr. Bakalov and the ensuing discussion, each member of Kaolin's team was able to draw a parallel to his own work and to take something for his own team.

Since 2018, such meetings of the Kaolin’ management team have become a tradition and contribute to the exchange of ideas, experience and information in a wider circle between the different units of the company.