Code of Conduct of Quarzwerke Group


In business, the compliance with laws and regulations in the company (or so-called 'Compliance ') is becoming increasingly important in order to prevent damages to the company and its employees. In this regard the management of Quarzwerke Group has long approved the so-called "Code of Conduct" or Code of ethics. The document contains a description of the values and rules of behavior which have been leading to our company so far and have been respected by our employees and in support of which we declare so expressly in the attached Code of ethics.

Code of Ethics

For more than 130 years, Quarzwerke Group has produced and processed industrial minerals – a tradition that we are proud of. As an independent family enterprise, for a very long time we combine the caring attitude towards high-quality mineral deposits with modern and effective technologies for their processing. The mining and recultivation of the deposits we carry out with a thought for the sustainable ecological development.

We are proud that our products, with numerous applications, bring valuable contribution to our customers and we perceive ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner with an awareness of environmental and social corporate responsibility.

This Code of ethics applies to the management and as well to all employees in all subsidiaries and factories in the respective countries, which are part of our economic group.

The rules contained in this Code of ethics are the core of the corporate culture of Quarzwerke Group. The strict observance of these principles is obligatory for every employee.

Enterprise Management

It is the responsibility of the management to direct Quarzwerke Group in accordance with the economic logic and with a conscious of the environmental and social corporate responsibility. The management strives to run the business not only competently but also impeccably in ethical terms. In the markets where we operate, we will abide by the principles of the fair competition, observing the current competition law. We will not use unfair practices to gain an advantage over customers, suppliers or competing businesses.

Compliance with the established norms for health and safety at work, the provisions for working and social security, as well as all other laws and rules for the protection of employees has been implied for us. The same applies to the right of the employees to be members of a trade union or any other type of the employee organization.


Quarzwerke Group pays its employees adequate to their positions wages and salaries and thus ensures their standard of living. It is of particular importance for Quarzwerke to stimulate its employees and to provide them with opportunities for development and improvement. We would like to have qualified, innovative and responsible employees who come to work with pleasure and contribute to the success of the enterprise.

Compliance with the established norms for health and safety at work, the provisions for working and social security, as well as all other laws and rules for the protection of employees has been implied for us. The same applies to the right of the employees to be members of a trade union or any other type of the employee organization.

All employees are obliged to avoid situations in which their personal or financial interests conflict with the interests of Quarzwerke Group. No employee has the right in any form to take advantage of the preference, which can reasonably be assumed to affect the business decisions or transactions of Quarzwerke Group. The employees are not entitled to personally benefit directly or indirectly from their access to confidential information. The violation of this policy is not tolerated and may result in penalties.

Quarzwerke Group respects the internationally recognized human rights and supports their observance. No criminal or child labor is allowed in Quarzwerke Group and in its subsidiaries, nor will it be in any way directly or indirectly supported or encouraged.


Industrial minerals are at the beginning of a long value-added chain. Many industries depend on the raw materials that are produced, including by our group of companies. The extraction of mineral resources has environmental impacts. We take this resulting responsibility very seriously. In our re-cultivated lands, spaces are created that become home to many and rare animals and plants. Together with environmental associations and local initiative groups, the company develops and implements plans that, in parallel with the extraction, allow the creation of a fully re-cultivated environment in the medium and long term.

In its production facilities, Quarzwerke is responsible for ensuring that the harmful effects on the environment are eliminated, respectively minimized in accordance with the techniques state. In the technical equipment of the production sites and in the construction of the production processes, the energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, the recycling processes and waste reduction are continuously optimized. Energy and raw material efficiency are our central requirements for the facilities and processes.

Public responsibility

Quarzwerke Group also takes responsibility in the social field. In the vicinity of its plants, it is engaged, for example, in the construction of attractive spaces after the completion of mining operations, through sponsorship and through the personal contacts of its associates with their neighbors. In the factories periodically Open days are organized, to allow people to see our activities and production facilities. A central task is the education of children and young people, which is supported by Quarzwerke Group through various measures.


Throughout its entire activities, Quarzwerke  Group strictly monitors the compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In particular, it prohibits acts that replace or distort the free competition or impede market access or conflict with the case law on competition matters. The management and all associates are required to strictly comply with these requirements. Violations will not be tolerated and can lead to adequate sanctions. Quarzwerke Group ensures that its products comply with the legal requirements, that the product information is correct and provided in a timely manner and that the products are labeled in accordance with the applicable requirements.

Data protection and security

All personal information about associates, customers, trading partners and suppliers, as well as other third parties, is carefully used and treated confidentially in strict compliance with personal data protection laws. The protection of this information must be guaranteed with particular precision.

Audits and certification

Systematic audits of quality, safety at work, environmental protection and energy audits are carried out at the premises of Quarzwerke Group, ensuring a continuous improvement process.

The effectiveness of the quality management systems, safety at work, the environmental and energy management systems are reviewed and validated annually by an external accredited certification company. We have certificates according to DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001, as well as OHSAS 18001. In addition, Quarzwerke  Group is audited annually through a sustainable development assessment system.


Companies in the Quarzwerke Group have been repeatedly rewarded for their sustainable work. Within the framework of German and European competitions projects in our various sites were evaluated by independent juries. The fact that Quarzwerke  is a regular winner is a confirmation for us of the sustainability of our goals and at the same time an incentive to continue along this path.