62nd International Scientific Conference of University of Mining and Geology


The conference was opened by Prof. Lyuben Totev - Rector and Prof. Pavel Pavlov - Vice-Rector for Educational Activities at University of Mining and Geology. In the first panel several large mining companies, including Kaolin EAD, made their presentations.

The latest investments and technologies used in the companies  were introduced to the audience and the curtain were opened on their future plans. For example, the colleagues at Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD presented to the attendees the opening of the new “Ada Tepe” gold mine in Krumograd town and they acquainted them with the technological, logistical and social solutions used in the design and construction of the mine.

Our colleague, Dr. Eng. Miroslav Marinov - Project Manager at KAOLIN, had the honor to introduce to the guests the current investment of the company in the Vetovo Factory – the construction of the new Filtration and Drying Workshop, as well as to inform them about the progress of the biggest investment so far in Kaolin EAD - the upcoming construction of a new high-tech quartz-kaolin raw material processing plant in the Dulovo Municipality area.

Throughout the day, the Bulgarian and foreign participants at the conference had the opportunity to attend the presentation of scientific reports, post-sessions on various topics, as well as to visit the information booths of large mining companies and to ask their questions to their representatives.

More information about the program of the event - HERE!