The visit of the partners of Quarzwerke Group GmbH in Kaolin


From September 4th to September 7th, 2019, Kaolin EAD was visited by its German shareholders from Quarzwerke, which since 2013 is the sole owner of the Bulgarian company. Quarzwerke is a family-owned company established in 1884.

During the four-day visit our visitors had the opportunity to visit Kaolin EAD's plants in the cities of Senovo, Vetovo and Kaolinovo, as well as to get acquainted on site with the project of the company for the construction of a new processing plant for kaolin quartz raw material in Dulovo town. The visit was of a particular importance because Kaolin intends to continue with its extensive investment program according to which – as in the previous six years – all profits shall be re-invested locally.

Thus, today the plants in Vetovo, Senovo and Kaolinovo have a completely changed appearance. The systematic efforts to maximize the rational use of raw materials, to improve working conditions, to increase the level of preventative maintenance and energy efficiency, as well as the German environmental standards that have been introduced and have their results, have been met with a satisfaction by the shareholders.

The construction of a brand new Filter and Drying Workshop at the Vetovo plant, which is expected to start working early next year, will mark the next step to a modern, fully adapted to up-to-date requirements production unit. The Center for Dual and Professional Training, which has been established at the plant in Vetovo town and by which Kaolin EAD not only fulfills its needs for qualified personnel, but also practically assumed the functions of a leading educational institution in the municipality and beyond its borders, also received admirations.

In Dulovo town, the guests were greeted by the Governor of Silistra, Mr. Ivelin Statev, the Mayor of the city, Dr. Yuxel Ahmed, the Chairman of the City Council, Eng. Sezgin Ghalib, municipal councilors and citizens. In their greetings, representatives of the state and local authorities emphasized the great importance with is associated  with this German investment and declared their unconditional support for it. On behalf of the owners present, the managing partner of Quartzwerke GmbH, Mr Robert Lindemann-Berk, reiterated that, in just a few years, Dulovo town would have the most modern quartz-kaolin raw material processing plant in Europe.

Throughout the visit, the guests did not cease to express their admiration for Bulgaria, the beautiful nature, the European appearance of the infrastructure, the high level of service, the respect that the company enjoys among the local communities in which it operates , as well as, by all means, the overall results of Kaolin EAD. In conclusion, the partners expressed unequivocally that they are extremely pleased with the investment in Bulgaria and will do everything necessary to guarantee the strengthening and further development of Kaolin and to maintain the leading position of the enterprise in the field of extraction and processing of industrial minerals.