Working meeting of the management team of KAOLIN EAD


The main report was submitted by the CEO, Dr. Wolf Harlfinger, who presented the results of the activity of KAOLIN EAD in 2018 and acquainted the participants with the development strategy of the company, approved by the Supervisory board and the sole owner "Quartzer" Gmbh. A key point in the strategy was the planned large-scale investments for expansion of the production facilities at Vetovo factory, the modernization of the Kaolinovo factory and the main one – the construction of a completely new plant for the processing of quartz-kaolin raw material in Dulovo town, whose value will exceed EUR 30 million. The head of the project team for the construction of the factory in Dulovo town, Mr Simeon Simeonov, acquainted the colleagues with the completed preparatory activities for the infrastructural provision of the plant and with the stages of design and implementation. The future factory of KAOLIN EAD in Dulovo town will be the most modern and completely environmentally friendly company of this type in Europe, and the team hopes it will be a model for the entire mining and raw industry of Bulgaria.

The Executive Director Ivaylo Timanov presented to the team the highlights of the company's marketing policy and assured that despite the complicated situation, the positions of KAOLIN EAD on the domestic and international markets are stable and the company will in future be a key supplier of raw materials for glass, ceramics and other industries.

Mrs Neli Stoycheva from the Human resources department increased the emotional degree of the audience with a presentation for the development of the project "Dual training", together with secondary school "Vasil Levski" in the town Vetovo. Started in 2016 as an experiment to attract the secondary school students, the project started with 13 students, which are currently 62, and in autumn are expected to exceed 90. With this, KAOLIN EAD is on its way to becoming a leading institution offering  professional training for young people, meaningful far beyond the borders of the region The management of the company invited all team members to take special care of the students, stressing that this small "experiment" represents the face of the contribution KAOLIN EAD has for the social development of the regions and is evidence of the company's long-term intentions and ambitions for the development of the Bulgarian economy as a whole.