The average salary in Vetovo town is higher than in Ruse town


For 2017 the average salary in the municipality of Ruse was BGN 862 and in Slivo pole village was BGN 918. And this is no exception - the leaders in the country in regards of salaries are relatively small municipalities with very large number of employers - usually in the energy or mining industry. These large companies provide high wages and, at the same time, dominate the local labor market, meaning that most of the workers in the municipality work precisely in them. This is also the case with the Slivo pole village, where the largest company is positioned not only in the area, but also in the North Central region-the producer of biodiesel "Astra bioplant", whose annual turnover exceeds BGN 1 billion. Second place is not for Ruse town, but Vetovo town, where another big company-extractive company "Kaolin" EAD, provides work. The average salary there in 2017 was BGN 908. In the other small Ruse municipalities, such a large employer is missing and they are seriously fall behind the district center.