KAOLIN with participation in the Open Doors Day at the University of Mining and Geology


On 19.04.2019, the yard in front of the Rectorate of the University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski" was buzzing with an excitement. The reason was organized by the University Open Doors Day. The idea was not only the older students, who were going to choose a profession and a higher education institution to learn about the opportunities for training, development and prospects, given by the University of Mining and Geology, but also to enable younger students to get to know more closely the careers related to the mining industry. For this to happen, the various faculties of the University of Mining and Geology took part in the event, as well as part of the largest mining and extractive companies in Bulgaria, among which KAOLIN. Visitors could participate in various demonstrations, observe interesting experiments, disembark in an underground pit with the help of virtual reality goggles, monitor a controlled explosion etc. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the demonstrators and the representatives of the mining companies and the good preparation, not least had been lucky with the sunny weather, the event had excellent attendance and will be remembered as a pleasant and fruitful meeting between trainees and (potential) learners.