The University of Mining and Geology started training "Mining Basics" for non-specialists


A three-day training course on the theme "Mining Fundamentals" started on 19.04.2019 at the University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski". The course was  implemented for the first time at the idea of the career center of the University and is intended for non-specialists – employees in the respective mining companies or in subcontracting companies, which are not occupied directly with the production, but whose work is in direct contact with the production processes and requires knowledge of the activity and terminology at a basic level. The course is also extremely useful for journalists who reflect the news and events in the mining industry. Passing such training, each of the participants, whether busy in the industry or reflecting it in the media, would already have the necessary knowledge so when returning to their usual working environment can perform ones duties with more detailed understanding of production processes, respectively of the industry's processes and events.

For example, among the subjects involved in the training course were: Natural foundations of mining, mining work, mining development, types of mineral mining, blasting in mining, etc. Topics such as the mineral-raw industry economy, current state and potential for development of the mineral-raw industry in Bulgaria, etc. were also a subject to discussion. Each participant received a certificate of the participation in these training sessions.

In this first edition of the course participated our colleagues Miglena Marinova, Nela Stoycheva, Diana Palyova, Eileen Jelydinova and Berkant Ismail from Kaolin EAD.