In search of interns, KAOLIN EAD joined in with its own stand in the largest career forums


Our participation in the series of similar events started at the career forum "National Career Days 2018" with organizer JobTiger. The event was held between March 13 and April 4, 2018 in 8 cities across the country, starting on 13 and 14 March at Hotel Marinela in Sofia. Part of the program of the same event was the career forum held on March 21 at the University of Rousse "Angel Kanchev", where KAOLIN EAD was also attended by participation with its own stand.  "National Career Days" is a forum with a wide focus – it is traditionally attended by prospective trainees with education from all educational fields, which is why the company traditionally participates in the specialized career forums of the Chemical Technology and Metallurgical Institute in Sofia, held on March 28, as well as at the career forum of the Mining and Geology University "St. Ivan Rilski", held on March 29, 2018, which gather in one place a candidate-trainees from engineering specialties , which are mainly sought after in mining companies. The MGU forum coincided with the visit of Mr. Lindemann-Berk – Managing Partner of Quartzverge GmbH and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KAOLIN EAD, who gladly accepted the courtesy invitation of the Rector of the Ministry of Economy – Prof. Dr.Sc.(Econ.) Lyuben Totev – to attend the official opening of the forum. In the welcome speech Mr Lindemann-Berk gave at the opening of the MGU's leadership and part of the teaching staff, as well as to students and representatives of the other mining companies involved, Mr Lindemann-Berk urged students to carefully choose their future workplace and navigate to companies that are international and in which young staff will be cared for and trained with the most modern machines and technologies , incentivised to develop their potential.
Mr Lindemann-Berk's presence at the Career Forum has attracted a lot of interest among the participants, as well as among the media who came to reflect the event. Below in the link you can follow the show "Careers" of TV Europe and hear part of the interview that Mr. Lindemann-Berk gave about the media.

For KAOLIN EAD, internship programs are a long-standing tradition, as some of the first interns in the company, subsequently appointed to a permanent employment contract, have already gained solid work experience in the company and, going through different official levels, have reached leadership positions. Thus, KAOLIN EAD has for many years proved that the relationship between education and business was never broken and that the meeting between theory and practice is actually feasible and completely possible. For prospective trainees, it is important to know that internships are the ideal opportunity to enter the "kitchen" of their profession or specialty, tie valuable contacts, hone their skills and navigate properly for their future career.
We especially thank colleagues Nella Stoycheva, Natalia Obreshkova and Ralitsa Peeva, who were engaged in the preparation of the participation of Kaolin EAD and presented the company and its activities in career forums.