KAOLIN gave Bulgaria the Book of Books -"The Byzantine Millennium" by Hans-Georg Beck


The Book of Books for one of the ancient civilizations, laid the foundations of the modern world - this is how the specialists define the book "The Byzantine Millennium" by Hans-Georg Beck, recognized as one of the  fundamental scientific papers in the field of Visistry.

The merit for its exitance belongs to the German company "Quarzwerke" Gmbh. The reputable company, which since 2014 was the sole proprietor of Kaolin, redeemed the copyrights for the publication and entrusted the Publishing House "Prozoretz" for it.
Issued in 1978 in Germany, Hans-Georg Beck's book is a wonderful gift for all who want to peek into the past, to understand how the original images of today's mechanisms are created, or just to enjoy the Byzantinesque history and Literature.

After the release of the "Byzantine Millennium" it is practically impossible to write on matters related to Byzantium, without the Beck's book being quoted, which has been published many times in Germany and in all the world languages. If there is a definition of a scientific bestseller, then the "Byzantine Millennium" responds to the full extent of this definition.
The author, Hans-Georg Beck (1910-1999) was the head of the University of Munich's Department of the Byzantine stadies
and new Greek philology, in which another legendary and familiar to the Bulgarian audience scientist succeeded-Franz Dölger.

"The Byzantine Millennium" Beck wrote on the basis of his lectures and exercises in front of students. The chosen subjects, as he himself says, meet his personal preferences, which extend from the problems of the State and the Constitution, through literature, theology, monticism and faith to the social structure and the stories of society's history in Byzantium. Besides this work fills some gaps in the Byzantine stadies, its issuing in Bulgarian language definitely fills a huge present gap in the literature that was used by the Bulgarian explorers of the Byzantine history.