Kaolin EAD with a new Center for Dual (professional) Training in Vetovo


On August 29th, 2017, the opening of the newly built Dual Training Center in Vetovo town was held, located on 1000 m2 of completely renovated for this purpose premises, in the territory of the Kaolin' factory in Vetovo. The ribbon was cut personally by Mr Lindemann-Berk, the managing partner of Quarzwerke GmbH, the sole owner of Kaolin EAD.

The establishment of the Center is aimed at supporting the initiative for the introduction of the dual educational system, in the cooperation with the secondary school “Vasil Levski ”with the professional classes in the town of Vetovo. Since the fall of 2016, in the school has been trained 13 students in the Minerals Enrichment Program, who this year will continue into 10th grade. In 2017, they were joined by another 26 children, divided into two classes: “Enrichment of minerals” and “Chemist-Operator”. Thus, the "Kaolin children" become 39 in total. The company provides not only a training base for practical classes, but also teachers in the special subjects such as "Geology", "Mining", "Technical drawing", "Material science", and this year also "Inorganic chemistry", "Physics-chemistry", “Processes and Appliances”, “Metalworking”, and “Health and Safety at Work”. Our teachers, along with the required theoretical knowledge, implanted in the students the right attitude towards the profession and familiarized them with the actual production environment.

According to the program, a major part of the training of the future enrichers and chemical operators will be held in the newly built workshops, equipped with modern machines and tools. By acquiring practical skills, future professionals will be ready to join the job market and will have the opportunity to pursue the careers of their parents, some of whom are current or former Kaolin employees.

Boldly entering the area of ​​the professional education in the municipality, Kaolin as a company fulfills its commitment to the development of the region, creating a real alternative for young people. Having a good quality education and a clear professional perspective, they will be able to fulfill worthily their future progress in the territory of Vetovo municipality. In the short term, keeping children in school will be one of the benchmarks for the success of a noble endeavor.

During the opening, Mr Lindemann-Berk had the opportunity to talk to the children and their teachers what motivates them to choose the dual education, how the company looks after them and what they expect in the future after completing the dual program.