KAOLIN with a certificate for healthy and safe working conditions



On 19th of May 2016 in Hall 1 of the Regional Administration in Rousse under the chairmanship of Mr. Stanimir Stanchev, Deputy Regional Governor of Rousse a meeting was held of the Regional Council on Working Conditions.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Regional Administration of Rousse, Labor Inspection Directorate, Territorial Division of National Social Security Institute, Regional Information Center, trade union organizations of Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria and Confederation of Labour “Podkrepa”, Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rousse Chamber of Commerce.

Official guests were representatives of the companies "Megachim" JSC, "ECON 91" OOD, "Oberyosterayhishe Biodisel Bulgaria" Ltd. and Kaolin AD.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Stanchev announced the results of the competition "Annual awards for safety and health in Rousse region for 2015". According to him, the annual implementation of this initiative stimulates companies to improve the working conditions and promotes relevant good practices. He urged for greater activity and participation of the companies from Rousse region in the competition, which will be held annually.

On behalf of Mr. Stefko Burdjiev, District Governor of Rousse district, Mr. Stanchev handed the certificates to the companies: Kaolin AD, ECON 91 OOD, “Keros Bulgaria” EAD, "Oberyosterayhishe Biodisel Bulgaria" EOOD. The Grand Prize - a plaque of the Regional Governor of Rousse District, received “Megachim” AD, which was ranked first in the category of medium-sized enterprises.

The company representatives expressed their gratitude for the assessment and said that despite the difficulties the business is struggling with, they are constantly trying to improve their working conditions. As a major problem, it was pointed out that there is not enough skilled labor to meet the specific requirements of each particular company. Mr. Stanchev noted that this is a common problem and one of the possibilities for overcoming it lies in the implementation of the Dual learning. One of the companies awarded today has experience in this respect, and that is Kaolin AD. In some years, the company has provided scholarships and practice for a whole class from the Vetovo Professional High School, after which all graduates have been employed. Due to the commitment of the company's management, the competent attitude of the faculty in the high school, the practical exercises carried out, the adaptation of the curricula with the specific activities in the company, the newcomers have successfully joined the team and have very recently assumed their fully delegated responsibilities.

Furthermore, according to the agenda, the results of inspections of the Labor Inspection Directorate and summary statistics on occupational accidents in Rousse district in 2014 and 2015 were presented.

At the end of the meeting Mrs. Diana Avramova introduced the participants with the procedure "Good and safe working conditions" under the Operational Program "Human Resources Development".

The participants in the meeting united about the need to update the rules for organizing and conducting the "Annual awards for safety and health in Rousse" region, incl. allowing more entities to nominate participants. As one of the possibilities of helping the business to solve socially significant problems and overcome the established distance with the institutions, the “Awards for safety and health in Ruse region" to be held annually.

For better planning of the council's work and fuller response to the public expectations the proposals will be put together for writing an up-to-date agenda for the subsequent meetings and a wider range of parties involved will be invited.

Source: http://www.ruse.bg/index.php?cmd=showContent&page=news&newsid=2195