KAOLIN's office opened in Dulovo

The opening of the office coincided with the celebration of the town of Dulovo - 14th of May and became part of the city cultural events. At exactly 10.00 am the management of KAOLIN AD, presented by the executive directors Dr. Wolf Harfinger, Mr. Dimitar Angelov and Mr. Radomir Cholakov, was pleased to welcome and accept the greetings of the Mayor - Dr Yuxel Ahmed and the chairman of The Municipal Council of Dulovo - Mr. Sesgin Galib.

Mr. Ahmed expressed the satisfaction of the city's management of the fact that such a large German concern as Quarkverke OOD, which has been Kaolin's owner since 2013, has decided to make large-scale investments in the area to provide the much-needed jobs and opportunities for development. Mr. Galib joined the mayor's words and also wished success of the venture. On behalf of the Kaolin’ Management Mr. Harfinger thanked hearty to the local authorities for the welcoming reception and declared that KAOLIN AD will fulfill all the commitments that were made in connection with the forthcoming development of the kaolin deposits on the territory of Dulovo Municipality.

To be reminded that at the end of February, a decision for the extraction of quartz-kaolin raw material from the Kolobar deposit in the municipality of Dulovo was granted by the Council of Ministers to KAOLIN AD. The commitment of the concessionaire is to invest in the development of the deposit at least BGN 8 million and at least BGN 14 million will be paid for the concession in the municipal budget. The KAOLIN managment believes that both amounts will actually be much larger.

Later in the day, Mayor Ahmed and the guests from KAOLIN AD visited the city hospital where they come to understanding with some of the needs of the municipal health care. Mr. Harflinger has committed to find out from Germany about the possibilities to support the Dulovo hospital with some of the most needed tools and equipment.