50% from the world’s kaolin yield finds application in paper as filler and for coating.

Using the natural characteristics of our raw materials, as well as modern technologies for concentration and bleaching, we produce kaolin products with high added value, applicable in the paper industry.

The requirements towards paper for whiteness, luster, opacity and printing quality are constantly growing. Meanwhile, the requirements to the raw materials are growing – for reaching of this ultimate effect with continuously lower expenses. Considering these trends, we are steadily developing new products with specific characteristics for specific applications – micronized calcinated kaolins.

At the same time, we widen our product range with products, extracted from new deposits. The natural characteristics of the raw material from these deposits involves production of new high quality kaolins for paper.

For more information about our products with application in Paper sector:
M.Eng. Virginia Bliznakova
Product Manager Mineral fillers and pigments
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