KAOLIN EAD with “TRUE LEADER” award for 2019


ICAP Bulgaria, part of ICAP group of companies - the largest Business Information Services Group in Southeast Europe, for the eighth consecutive year awarded the leading companies in Bulgaria with the "TRUE LEADERS" awards.


Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19 and the impossibility of holding a Ceremony, the awards will be presented to the distinguished companies in person or by courier, which have expressed a wish how is to be done.

For KAOLIN the price was received by Mr. Timanov - Executive Director 

The „TRUE LEADERS“ initiative distinguishes all companies, leaders in the sector in which they operate, which meet both measurable and objective criteria (according to officially published data), without the interference of the subjective opinion of the jury or the results of a public survey.

The awarded companies meet the following criteria:


  • are among the 300 most profitable EBITDA companies for 2019
  • have increased the number of their staff (2019 compared to 2018)
  • have a high credit score (ICAP Credit Score B2 - A1)
  • are a leader in their sector