For the fifth consecutive year KAOLIN held free summer German language courses for children from Dulovo Municipality


On September 10th this year, twenty-two children from Dulovo Municipality received their certificates for successfully completing a summer course in German language. Every summer since 2016 until today - for five consecutive years - in KAOLIN EAD’ office in Dulovo town are organized and conducted German language courses for children, as the courses and teaching for them are completely free for all applicants.

In view of the pandemic situation in the country and the imposed anti-epidemic measures, this year's courses were a particular challenge to organize and conduct. Firstly, at the beginning of the summer, we at KAOLIN had decided not to announce trainings this year, as we thought there would be no interest due to the parents’ worries. It turned out we were wrong - children and parents asked and insisted that the courses to be held. Thus, with the invaluable help of Ms. Alexandrina Dragneva, the courses began and passed in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and recommendations. We are proud of this year's students, who not only successfully passed the final tests, but were also disciplined and did not allow any violations of the safety at work rules and healthy environment. We also thank their parents for their trust and cooperation! Expect us again next summer! Until then - a healthy, successful and peaceful school year for the students, teachers and parents!