Baba Marta came to Dulovo with songs, poems and horo


Community Center’ employees prepared a martenitsa workshop, which included young and adult visitors. A white and red rug was woven on a special weaving loom and Baba Martha and her assistants explained to everyone about the ancient customs, related to the “martenisa”. The kids also got special drawings – martenica’s on their faces.

Apart from songs and poems dedicated to the first day of the spring month of March, all those in attendance were greeted with the arrival of Baba Marta by Eng. Nevhis Mustafa – the Chairman of the Dulovo Municipal. Many participants adorned martenitsi on the special March tree. Everyone received treats for health and a wellbeing, and at the end of the celebration, they also enjoyed a nice colorful dance of horo. The Sunday’s March 1st, coincided with the Shirni Zagoveni celebration, so the Community Center recreated the most interesting custom for the children, called "hamkane" - a piece of halva, tied to a thread, which was rotated in a circle and was captured by one of the participants.

Text and photos: Vanya Petrova, Municipality of Dulovo’ PR