Triple occasion for a celebration - guests of the colleagues from Ellatzite-Med AD

On August 22nd, 2019, over 6,000 people gathered at the Central Square in Etropole town on the triple occasion- Miner's
Day and marking the 44th anniversary of the establishment of the Мining and processing plant Elatzite and 20 years since
the Company's accession to the GEOTECHMIN Group. Veterans who, in the 1970s, built the mine, employees and workers of
Ellatzite-Med AD and the companies of the GEOTECHMIN Group, representatives of organizations, trade unions, many guests
from Bulgaria and abroad, citizens and guests of Etropole municipality rejoiced until midnight when the event ended
with a multi-colored firework.
The guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting facts from the history and prospects for the development
of the mining complex, founded in the time of socialism and developed after the privatization from the entirely Bulgarian
management of Geotechmin and Elatzite-Med, to a high-tech and resource efficient mining company, one of the most modern in
the industry in the world. All of them also to enjoy the artistic performances of local young talents from Etropole brass
band,the Balkan Youth Dance Ensemble at "Todor Peev" Community center from 1871 and the performances of famous artists -
bagpipers Peter Yanev and singers Valya Balkanska, Nelly Petkova, Nikolina Chakardakova.
The festivities ended late in the evening with performances by the Kuku-Bend, Magadance Ballet and the Gumzata Brass Show.
Congratulations, colleagues! We wish you health and at least hundreds time of 44 years of successful development!

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