VIII "CONCRETE Workshop" - with the support of KAOLIN EAD


"CONCRETE Workshop" is an initiative launched by Dr. eng. Alexander Nikolov (Dr. Sashko) in December 2014 and consists of series of workshops and seminars for educational purposes, which are open to students, teachers and all who have a thirst for new knowledge and enthusiasm. The main purpose of the activities in the "CONCRETE Workshop" is to awaken the interest in material's knowleage and to familiarize the participants with the basic properties of the concrete as a building material (and not only). The event is also a place for connecting people with common interests.

During the first day of the eighth consecutive workshop the attendees had the opportunity to follow the presentation of the lecturers, which introduced them to the types of concretes, the types of additives and the ways in which they changed the properties of the concrete mixtures. The participants also found out about the latest developments in this field and in particular were introduced to a new class of construction materials – the geopolymers. The first day of the seminar ended with a free discussion over a glass of wine.

During the second day with the practical part the participants were introduced to the peculiarities of mixing high-strength solution and concrete with a mixer, as well as the agitating the geopolymer and had the opportunity to mix the concrete mixture and to pour it into special moulds.

The event was financed by Kaolin EAD and the Research Fund and has been implemented with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science, Center for Energy Efficiency "Eneffect", University of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy, Institute of mineralogy and crystallography within Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.