KAOLIN EAD was awarded with the first prize in the category Green CSR campaign because of its partnership in the municipality of Dimitrovgrad for planting trees in the alley of new life in the city. Dimitrovgrad, which the company has been assisting for nine years. The award was deservedly received by Mr. Dimitar Angelov – Executive director of the company, who every year is personally engaged in the initiative.

Let's remember more about it: in 2019 for the ninth consecutive year "kaolin" EAD supported the initiative of Municipality of Dimitrovgrad for planting trees in "the Alley of New Life" in the city Park "Maritza". The ecological initiative is aimed at the parents and relatives of the newborn children in the municipality of Dimitrovgrad, allowing the parents to choose a place for planting the tree of their child in the "Alley of New Life" in Park "Maritza" or another Appropriate place to be able to take care of it. Annually kaolin EAD supports the organizer-municipality Dimitrovgra, providing trees for every newborn child and his family. Traditionally, the initiative was held on Palm Sunday, as the last event on April 21, 2019 were planted new 99 trees. The green campaign is realized by pooling the efforts of the organizer – Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, empathy and support for realization-from the company and inclusion of young people for enrichment of the green spaces of the town of Dimitrovgrad. The initiative brings both an ecological and social message, namely that the young people are here in Dimitrovgrad, want to stay here and that they are the future of the city, the region and the country.

Here are the other categories and awarded companies:
Main categories:
Auto industry, transport, logistics VITE Automotive Bulgaria EOOD-1 Place DISCORDIA AD-2nd place transpress LTD.-3rd place Metropolitan EAD-3 Place

Telecommunications TELENOR BULGARIA EAD-1 place
Technology, IT products and services Konika Minolta Business Solutions Bulgaria EOOD-1 place
Industry and manufacturing Sector SVILOZA JSC-1 Place "GORUBSO-Kardzhali" JSC-2 Place
Recycling industry, Waste management ECOPACK BULGARIA AD-1 Place Fierhouten-UKO-2 Place
Public organizations, municipalities and State Structures Foundation "Association for Development of Sofia"-1 place
Tourism, hospitality and entertainment industry Orko LTD.-Green Life Resorts-1 place
Financial, accounting and legal services Kredisimo EAD-1 place
Banking sector Bulgarian-American Credit Bank AD-1 place
Bio industry, green business, beauty industry Althea Organlix LTD.-1st place
Food industry, services sector, trade and agriculture Zagorka JSC-1 Place KAUFLAND BULGARIA EOOD & CO KD-1 Place Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria-2nd place Nestle Bulgaria AD-3rd place
Sector  "Education" 200 ОУ-1 Place ECOPACK BULGARIA AD-2nd place
PR and Advertising Services Dentsu Aegis Network Bulgaria LTD.-1 Place
Green startups Best Kars LTD.-1 Place Peyera Bulgaria LTD.-2nd place
The Grand prix for overall presentation CEZ DISTRIBUTION BULGARIA AD

1 Place DM Bulgaria EOOD-2nd place
Green Initiative Nestle Bulgaria AD-1 place Bulgarian Facility Management Association-2nd Place Kozloduy NPP-3rd place
Green Event NET1 EOOD-1 place
Green Technology Devnya Cement JSC-1st place
Contribution to the green idea Municipality of Bansko-1 place KAUFLAND BULGARIA EOOD & KO KD-2 Place
Green Investment Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (BHTC)-1 place KAUFLAND BULGARIA EOOD & CO-KD-2nd place
Green Innovation Kredisimo EAD-1st place OSMOSIS BULGARIA-OOD-2nd place
 Special Prizes:
Green Personality Atanas Stinov
Green Feather

TV Jivko Konstantinov, Nova TV-1 Place series of reports on dangerous polluted air
Television BNT "100% Awake"-2 place series of reports for cleaning of the spaces in Sofia
Printed editions-1 Place Marieta Dimitrova, editor-in-chief, news.com-a series of articles that expose construction that will affect the natural resources in the region of Rupite
Printed Editions-2 place Plamena Petkova,  "Agronovnik " a series of materials for the revival of saffron production in Bulgaria
Printed Editions-3 Place Maria Petrova, newspaper "Maritza" "We need two planets to survive."
Printed Editions-3 place Lilia Lozanova,  "Agronestnik " series of articles with examples of sustainable business
Green media BTV-"Let's clean Bulgaria in one day"