Recognition of KAOLIN by the Municipality of Dulovo town


In his speech Dr. Ahmed stressed that this award is given to Kaolin EAD as a recognition and gratitude for the charitable, contributory and financial support for the development and improvement of the infrastructure sites, activities in the field of health, education, culture and sport in the city of Dulovo and populated areas in the Municipality.

The evening festive concert, which followed the official opening of the May’s cultural celebrations took place on the new stage in the city center, which was built in the last month with the support of Kaolin EAD and is another of many donations, through which the company demonstrates its commitment and support to the local community for their initiatives. During the whole festive day before the concert the stage was “conquered” by dozens of children from the schools and community centers from the town, who sang, danced and manifested their versatile talents. Each of them received a memorial souvenir from "Kaolin" EAD.