Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev visits the Dual Center "Kaolin EAD" in Vetovo town

At the Dual Center in Vetovo town, over BGN 1 million have been invested so far for the equipment of cabinets, computer halls, workshops and the creation of all necessary infrastructure for carrying out a full-scale learning process. In cooperation with "Vassil Levski" secondary school with professional classes - Vetovo, the training of the first students in the system of dual training started in 2016 with 12 children, which are now 60 and from the beginning of the next school year they are expected to become 90. In the Dual Training Center of Kaolin EAD are currently practicing all students of the "Vasil Levski" secondary school in three specialties - mining, electrotechnics and chemical laboratory technicians.

Minister Valchev was welcomed by Mr. Wolf Harlfinger – CEO of Kaolin EAD, who introduced him to the pre-history of the Center and gave him a tour of the classrooms and workshops. Minister Valchev had the opportunity to meet with the students, who took classes at the time – the younger ones in the classrooms, and the older ones – in a real working environment.

Minister Valchev expressed his satisfaction with what he saw and expressed his congratulations to the management of Kaolin EAD for this significant investment in the education of the young people in the municipality of Vetovo. The Minister was particularly impressed by the fact that Kaolin EAD does not choose students to be trained, but offers training to all without exception. In his words, this is a precedent worthy of admiration, because in this way chances are given to all middle-school students to acquire a profession, which is an investment not only in their future, but also in the future of the municipality.

Mr Harlfinger clarified that this approach is different from the principle in Germany, where a dual form of training is offered only to the best students who are selected specifically, but that the German owner assessed that in view of the local conditions in Bulgaria the chance for good professional training should be offered to all children who are willing. Thus Kaolin EAD invests not only in its future workers, but also in the human resources of the entire municipality and considers this as part of its social responsibility.

Minister Valchev was accompanied by the members of parliament Plamen Nounev, Andrian Raykov and Svetlana Angelova.