KAOLIN EAD in support of Community centre initiative in Dulovo town


In the central part of Dulovo Baba Marta bound Martenichki to all children, and they recited spring verses and sang songs devoted to folk custom. A little later Dr. Yüksel Ahmed, mayor of Dulovo Municipality, Mrs Mariana Marinova, chairman of the Community Center "White Swallow" and Mr Berkant Ismail-a representative of "Kaolin" EAD, broke the inspired Dobrudzhanska asks for health, and luck to all the inhabitants of the city and the municipality and together they planted the March' tree.

Among the present of the beautiful, cheerful and colorful celebration were the deputy mayor, Dorothea Toteva, teachers and educators, parents. They all promised next year at the same time again to gather and decorate the tree with the new Martenichki, and the idea of welcoming Baba Marta in this original way to become a tradition.