For the third consecutive year, Kaolin will support the dual training project at "Vasil Levski" secondary school in Vetovo


In the last days before Christmas, the teaching team and students from "Vasil Levski" secondary school in Vetovo town, with professional classes were pleased with the news that  Kaolin EAD for the third consecutive year will support the dual training project with a new specialty - "Electrical Equipment for Production". The expected admission is 23 students who will have the opportunity to acquire a practical knowledge in the open at the end of August 2017 Center for dual/professional training, at the Kaolin factory in Vetovo town.

And on Christmas as usual, for the second consecutive year all 38 present learners in the dual student classes, as well as their teachers, teaching the special subjects for the dual preparation, has received from our colleague Nelly Stoycheva a gift from KAOLIN in the form of book vouchers.
We thank the students for their diligence and hard work and their teachers – for the courage and the efforts they put into their work! We wish all health and success in the coming year!