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The luxury edition of the Almanac is the successful end of the season of your own project called "Your Business", called "Managers Share." The magazine has been developing this project for five consecutive years, with great success. It takes place in conducting meetings of Your Business with successful managers in Bulgaria, as well as in meetings between them. In interviews, the successful individuals with whom the project is introduced share their experience, their advice and specific cases in their field that they have already solved.

You can check out the online format of the magazine on his site - www.tbmagazine.net, where you will also find videos of the ladies and gentlemen from the pages of the Almanac. The magazine boasts that it is the only media in Bulgaria whose materials are written entirely by specialists in different branches, who give relevant working advice for the enterprising Bulgarians.

At the presentation of the fifth edition of the Almanac, editor-in-chief Inna Georgieva gave certificates, but also took care of the wonderful mood of the many partners who supported the project, as well as the guests, including Desislava Avdzhieva. The event's business personalities held fruitful conversations about their upcoming business plans and ideas.

 Mr. Ivaylo Timanov - Executive Director of Kaolin EAD was also invited to participate in the anniversary edition of the Almanac. This is another recognition of Mr Timanov, who has proven himself to be a successful manager with excellence in marketing and sales for years.

 (text and photo to the news: desislavaavdzhieva.com)