Our colleague has won the prize ‘Student of the Year’ 2015!

The National Prize "Student of the Year" was established in the beginning of 2006 at the initiative of the delegates at the General Assembly of the National Representation of Student Councils in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The competition has the mission to promote the achievements of the Bulgarian students to the Bulgarian public, by awarding students from all areas of higher education.

The jury nominated the winner "Student of the Year" in the Republic of Bulgaria for 2015 among twelve best contenders.

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The students have to prove their achievements by presenting documents on the results achieved in the scientific, cultural, sporting and other activities related to the educational process at national and international level.

Every student who has successfully completed first course and has relevant achievements in the field in which he / she is trained can participate in the competition.

The jury, a panel of leading experts from all areas of education, has identified a total of twelve awards in the first field of the competition, in the relevant fields of education, the prize for the best foreign student in Bulgaria and the Student of the year 2015.