In Memoriam


Dear Colleagues,

Today we received the sad news that the respected by all of us, Stefan Ignatov, passed away.
Whatever one say or write at this time – will not be enough and will pale before Stefan's contribution to the development of the company we work in.

Perhaps in the first place we have to bow our head and tell ourselves that a very good man has gone from this world, a man who helped us, taught us and inspired us all.
A person who we will not forget and wherever we work, in any factory of Kaolin AD - whether in Bulgaria, or Ukraine or Serbia-it is enough just to look around, to acknowledge what Stefan left for us.

I suppose that in time, as our traditions dictate, in the place where Stefan is buried will appear a monument. Whatever this monument is, whatever its material might be, whatever the size, our memory of the Engineer, the Technologist, the Designer, the Developer or simply the Person Stefan – this memory will appear every time we touch quartz sand, kaolin, chamfrom and all other products produced by Kaolin in Bulgaria and abroad.       

A deep bow before your memory, Stefan!

Sincere condolences to Mrs. Tashka Ignatova and all relatives!

Dimitar Angelov, Chief Operations Officer