KAOLIN AD with three awards from the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology


At the official ceremony to commemorate the Miner's Day, held at 18th of August 2015 in Sofia Kaolin AD was bombarded with awards by the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology. The award in the category "Innovations" was awarded to the company for the implementation of a unique installation that produces energy instead of natural gas from the burning of sunflower flakes. The facility is unmatched in Bulgaria and is an example of the use of biofuel, which reduces both production costs and emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere. Such a prize Kaolin AD has already received from Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria in May, same year.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology awarded Kaolin AD also with prizes in the categories "Care for nature" and "Safety and Health" as an enterprise that has not allowed any violation of the legislation in the field of environmental protection and not a single accident during the labor process.