"Vetovo - section IV West" housed a sculpture of a Bulgarian artist


The first meeting with the audience was in the resort village of Varvara from 1st to 25th of September, where after a few weeks stay over the sea, the sculpture continues its journey to Northern Bulgaria to stand among the futuristic rock formations of "Vetovo Quarry - Section IV West". The interaction of the sculpture with the unusual natural-industrial landscape creates an impressive surreal picture, which can be freely seen and empathized with, from September 27th to October 19th.

The host, supporter and partner of this unusual point of the journey of "Embrace" is "Kaolin" EAD.

"Embrace" is a monumental bronze sculpture, created in 2018, as its creator Oda Jaune develops as a traveling art project around the country. The work represents the author's vision of the pieta - a symbol of infinite maternal love, going beyond this connotation of love, elevating the feeling above all differences, religions, ideologies, above the fleeting and temporary. The journey of "The Embrace" is a search for different in nature newly created situations, which outside of time, place and loaded with a strong energy, turn the exhibitions into a separate works of art.

The "Embrace" will end its odyssey in the garden of the Vrana Palace in December, before visiting two more locations in the country, including the famous "Vasova puteka" in the area of ​​Svoge town. Oda Jaune and the curator of the traveling sculpture - Hristina Bobokova - shared that "the intimacy of this project is inspired by the synergy of art and nature." "My wish is for this sculpture, created with this idea, with lots of love and from my whole soul, to travel around Bulgaria. Moreover, where she finds her place, let her not be closed, but to see the sky. To live between the earth and the sky “– this is how Oda Jaune, the artist, presented her idea during the opening of the event.

More information about the trip and the locations for meeting with the "Embrace" can be found on the official Instagram profile of the sculpture: www.instagram.com/the_caress_project, as well as on the official website of the project:


The first major retrospective exhibition of Oda Jaune in Bulgaria, called "Core", will open on November 22nd, at the National Art Gallery.